the werkout: Fullbody

Your daily werkout is a combination of weights, cardio, plyometrics, calisthenics, tabata, core, hiit, met, Versaclimber, Inertia wave, flexibility, flow and fun! Yes this is all in 60 minutes! 

Weights - Every werkout has 3 weight routines and over 200 reps! 

Cardio - The main attraction is the Versaclimber. Every werkout you will complete 1,000 feet through a combination of short intervals. 


Plyometrics - Exercises that exert maximum force in a short period of time. We love our burpees and plyo push -ups! 

Calisthenics - Movements such as pulling, pushing, bending, jumping using one’s bodyweight as resistance. 

Core - Crunch, lift, raise, plank, twist…get ready to work your core throughout the werkout with 1 minute intervals. 

Hiit - High-intensity-interval - training. - intense short burst of exercises followed by short, sometimes active recovery periods. 

Met - Metabolic Enhancement Training - aka Fat torching exercises to increase your burn rate after your werkout! 

Versaclimber - Combines lower and upper body exercises into one natural vertical climbing motion - THE BEST CARDIO MACHINE IN THE WORLD! 

Inertia Wave - Catch your next wave with this full body exercise.  Enhance your Hiit and Tabata workouts with smooth and rhythmic moves superior to your bulky battle ropes. 

Flexibitly - The quality of bending easily without breaking! Every werkout will include a pre and post stretch. 

Flow - Non-stop action with no time to check your phone… a good time to tell you that no phones are allowed on the werkout floor. 

Fun - the werkout is the fitness definition of fun!


the CIRCUIT werkout

This 60 minute werkout is a combination of 30 / cardio and 30 / strength. Using the Versaclimber for your 30 minutes of cardio and a variety of strength for 30 minutes this is your complete circuit werkout! 

Equipment used:

Versaclimber, weights, bands, steps, kettles, medicine balls, bosu, equalizer bars and you! 

This 50 minute werkout is a fullbody calisthenics class. Using just your body weight each werkout is

the BOOTCAMP werkout

This 50 minute werkout is a fullbody calisthenics class. Using just your body weight each werkout is focused on making you stronger with every rep. If you love to hate push-ups, pull-ups, burpees, lunges, squats, planks, and lots of core training...then this class is for you! 


the CORE werkout

This 50 minute class is combination of short intervals on the Versaclimber and the best core exercises each werkout. Each class you will complete a total of 25 minutes of Core and 25 minutes of Cardio...its a werkout win! 

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